Management Overview


Group IT Director

Rami Al-Haddad is an accomplished expert in translating vision into reality. His role as IT Director includes; setting the overall direction of technology through strategic planning to realize the company’s vision and mission. Aligning IT initiatives with business priorities and optimizing IT investment. Establishing a service orientated, customer focused IT function to improve efficiency, quality, customer service and growth. Prior to joining NAS, Rami worked for Agility Logistics in Kuwait, VFS in Australia, and Nortel Networks in the UK. He also sits on the board of directors of PMI-AGC in the capacity of SVP and previously as IT Director. Rami holds a Master’s Degree in Project Management from the University of South Australia, and a Bachelor of Engineering from Coventry University in the UK. He is also a certified PMP, ITIL Foundation V3, and internal auditor. During his free time, Rami enjoys travel and performing arts.