About Us

CSR Initiatives

NAS believes a company should take into account the social, ethical and the environment’s effects of its activities on its staff and community around it. On a humanitarian level, we have participated in sending aid supplies and on an environmental level, we have implemented an internal recycling project as well obtaining the ISO 14001:2004 standard, which gives the requirements to operate in an environmentally sustainable manner. At NAS, we are committed to care.

Operational Standards:

ISO 14001:2004: Environmental Management System

This standard specifies a set of environmental management requirements for environmental management systems. The purpose of this standard is to help all types of organizations to protect the environment, to prevent pollution, and to improve their environmental performance.

OHSAS 18001:2007: Occupational Health & Safety
This standard promotes a safe and healthy working environment by providing a framework that allows your organization to consistently identify and control its health and safety risks, reduce the potential for accidents, aid legislative compliance and improve overall performance.


NAS has implemented a recycling project in August 2009 and has been working with Green Target Company on this initiative. In today’s world the importance of recycling is becoming greater of a concern both for the general public and also to the economy. However, many people and just as importantly businesses are realizing the problem at hand and the importance of recycling. Recycling is incredibly important as a means to reduce poisonous emissions into the atmosphere and also to spare our natural resources.