Service Portfolio

Ramp Services

With a variety of fixed & mobile ground handling equipments as well as sophisticated motorized vehicles, the NAS Ramp Services team is ready to service any type of cargo or passenger aircraft. NAS Ramp Services carries out all the relevant Ground Support Equipment activities at flight arrival and departure related to safely unloading and loading of passenger baggage, cargo and mail within the confines of the carriers’ schedule.

We cover Code A - F aircraft and maintain fixed and mobile ground handling equipment, as well as motorized vehicle fleets. Our ramp operations teams are trained to service any type of passenger or cargo aircraft, including the world’s largest passenger jet, the Airbus A380, and the giant Antonov AN225 for oversized cargo.

Customer requirements dictate the scope of ramp handling services from an extensive menu of NAS options that includes loading and off-loading, dispatch operations, load control, management of unit load devices, baggage reconciliation, coordination with flights and documentation. A resource management system, installed at all NAS operating bases, matches equipment and crew resources to fluctuating needs, ensuring high-levels of response to all supported customers. Seamless interface with other airport operations -- movement control center, fuel providers, caterers, security and more -- ensure each aircraft turnaround is complete and fully compliant with all established procedures and service standards.

We sustain high-level operational momentum in the face of airfield infrastructure growth and ramp expansion by drawing on our pool of experienced worldwide talent, as well as ground support equipment resources.

The NAS Ramp Services team support the functions for tracking, recording and storage of Unit Load Devices (ULDs) for customer airlines, ensure accuracy on the loading of passenger baggage (Sophisticated Baggage Reconciliation is in use) and Ground Transportation, Dispatch Operation and Load Control, and ensure on-time performance with safety being given its due importance, interface with the various divisions of Airport Operations such as the Movement Control Center, Passenger Services, Engineering Services, Fueling Service Providers, Catering and Cargo to ensure the completion of Ramp Service activities of an aircraft to the laid-down procedures of the various carriers and receive comprehensive training and is licensed to handle all equipment that is constantly serviced and upgraded thus ensuring the latest in technology is available to cater to the needs of the customers.