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KuwaitMosafer to Verify Kuwait Issued Vaccinations for Passengers Arriving to Kuwait International Airport

Kuwait : Wednesday, March 24, 2021

The Kuwait Council of Ministers has exempted three categories of vaccinated travelers arriving to Kuwait from the mandatory institutional quarantine. This includes those that have received one dose of the vaccine more than 5 weeks before arrival or both doses of the vaccine with the second dose taken more than two weeks before arrival.

Hassan El- Houry, Group CEO of NAS confirmed that the platform is fully ready to assist in the verification of vaccinations issued in Kuwait through its Covid-19 Vaccine Certificate online. Passengers that are exempt from the institutional quarantine in Kuwait can use the Vaccine Certificate feature on KuwaitMosafer for authentication of their vaccine records.

The Covid-19 Vaccine Certificate is on par with global innovations attempting to implement border control policies for safer travel practices. Developed by National Aviation Services (NAS) for the Kuwait Directorate General for Civil Aviation (DGCA), KuwaitMosafer is the first of its kind online platform to facilitate travel requirements for passengers travelling through Kuwait International Airport.

El-Houry explained, “The KuwaitMosafer platform ensures faster procedures for passengers arriving to Kuwait, a simple user friendly interface and contactless secure process. By simplifying post-Covid travel requirements, we hope to make it easier for people to travel to Kuwait while following all the local entry rules and regulations.”

KuwaitMosafer is directly linked to the Kuwait Ministry of Health vaccine records online. Passengers simply complete the mandatory registration on the KuwaitMosafer platform and generate a quick QR code on departure to or arrival at Kuwait International Airport. The QR code can be used to view or share their Kuwait vaccine records. It refers to the passenger’s vaccine record online allowing the airport or airline officials to verify the required number of vaccinations and their authenticity.

This makes it easier for processing and eliminates the need to carry paper documentation when travelling. The entire process is online and ensures complete security and data privacy for the individual’s records at all times.

El-Houry added, “NAS is also working with international organizations to integrate a similar verification process for travelers heading to Kuwait that are vaccinated outside the country. We are doing the best we can to leverage the KuwaitMosafer platform and facilitate travel for all. In the near future, this will also help drive the safe return to normal daily activities in the country. ”